Friday, February 8, 2008


Did I forget to mention that in our lovely trip to picacho peak we decided to play a little game of yahtzee. Well I think it was on purpose I forgot to mention that little incident. I'd rather just forget the moment even occurred. Yeah I (Kevin) lost dramatically two times in a row. After twice I decided it best not to try my luck with a third. It must have been her dedication just look at her determination.

Picacho Peak

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Martin Luther King jr Katie had monday the 21st of January off work. I was able to sweet talk my way out of working that day with the scheduling manager at the ambulance company!! Sweet.

Sunday we were discussing what the options of activities would be and somehow the idea of camping came out. Well we decided to head out to Picacho Peak which is extremely close to home always nice. We got done with church around noon and headed out.

Once there we set up camp. Wow its lots easier to set up a tent in the daylight than in the dark. Normally we get to the site and the sun has been down for quite some time. After camp was set up we decided to go for a 0.7 mile hike!

Wow strenuous that was. Well it was fun to get out and exercise our legs a little bit. Plus along the way they had signs telling about the animals and their habitat. This was a kid's hike so the signs were geared towards the little ones. Katie thought they were "cute."

Warm clothing was a definite need for this trip. Wow after the sun went down the temperature dropped very very low. We were definitely chilled. Building and enjoying our camp fire was and always is one of our favorite parts of the trip. The warmth felt great! For dinner one of our favorite camping meals. hot dogs roasted on a stick over the flame. Simply delicious. Then for the desert Katie's infamous peanut butter covered roasted marshmallows that I unfortunately have failed to perfect. After a warm meal we decided to sit and enjoy the fire. We discussed our goals and aspirations of life. Wonderful bonding time sitting in front of a warm fire. 

To bed to bed said sleepy head! Off we went to curl in under the sleeping bag and fall fast asleep with our wonderful air mattress from some great friends!!!!! What a soothing evening in the nice cool air. We didn't freeze much to the dismay of some friends that had advised us against camping in january. However small bladders are definitely not a good thing to have in cold weather! Need I say more?

For breakfast we feasted our number one camping meal BACON!!! Delicious bacon. Along with the bacon was supposed to be some pancakes as well. Unfortunately we forgot to bring the butter to lubricate the pan. Despite our forgetting that part we tried several times to make it work with no avail. ARGH!! Oh well bacon is always good!

After packing up we decided to head on out and return to the wonderful city of Coolidge where we reside. The weather during the day was perfect and we really enjoyed being out of the house for the evening. Camping it's great.