Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adell Can Moo. Can you?

Happy Halloween!

Thanks to Grandma Todd
Adell was A cow for Halloween!
Can you Say Moo!

She was a great help making cookies for Halloween.
She liked to take the cookie cutters
and slip them on her foot like bracelets.

When she couldn't get them off she would
squeal and squirm till we helped her out.

Oliver was all dressed up and ready to play!
I think it might be time to spring for a new costume for him.
He has worn the same thing for 4 years.

I got into the act as well.
I went as Jack. I was selling my cow at market.
It was a tough sell. I didn't even get any magic beans!

But I had fun being a cheesy dork!

So the Costume was inspired by the children's story
Jack and the Bean Stock but my family is probably all singing,
"The farmer and Adell, the farmer and Adell,
hi ho the dairy o, the farmer and Adell!"

A Camping We Will Go!

What better time to go camping then the weekend before Halloween!
What a beautiful place we found near Oracle Arizona.
The Campground is called Pepper Sauce. (hey I didn't name it)

It had these enormous trees!
I wish I knew what kind they were.
They had the white peeling bark like a eucalyptus,
but leaves like an oak. So great to look at, climb on...

and fall asleep under after an exhausting day of playing in the dirt.

And did we ever play in dirt!
All day around the clock.
Our little dirt devil.

Our other child was a perfect gentleman as always.
I really wish I could get Adell to pose as well as Oliver.

Up a tree and no where to go. Guess I will take a nap.

Some of us managed to stay awake.

We went with our good friends the Malicdems, of course.
From Left to right Gwen, Adell and Nora.
Notice that Adell is almost as big as Gwen who is going to be 3 soon.

Ohhh Snuggling on the swing. Snuggling is Dad's favorite thing to do.
It is usually Adell's favorite thing to do too.

The Malicdems had a great wagon
that we pulled the kids around in all day long.
Adell and Nora also got in some good walking practice.
They both look like they are concentrating so hard.

Of course the best thing about camping is all the food!

If he looks a little guilty in this picture it is because he is!!!
I still owe Kevin for dumping ice water all over me!

We had a great swing in our camping spot.
Adell loved it of course and so did mom :)