Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finger Painting Fun

We decided it would be fun to let Adell help us finger paint so we spread out an old sheet, put down some cardboard and started to paint. I was busy making flowers and ponds when the next thing I know I look over and I see Kevin has been hard at work "helping Adell paint"

It was only a matter of time before she was all covered in paint. Kevin just sped up the process. And well I have to admit I decided to help.

Don't worry I also helped Adell paint Daddy! Serves him right!

As you can see he is all broken up about it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mt. Lemon Snow Trip

Since we had so much fun playing in the snow in Payson we decided to have another day in the snow. This time on Mount Lemon in Tucson AZ.
For those who are thinking it's the middle of March and like 90 degrees in Arizona already, well your right. This was a trip we took in January. I am just a slow blogger.
As my family already knows :)

I can't get over how cute Adell is in her little bear suit!

There wasn't as much snow as I was use to growing up in Star Valley Wyoming but we did manage to find a great hill for sledding.

We all had a great time getting away for the day and enjoying the very limited snow season.

So darn cute! and the baby isn't half bad either :)

I forgot how exhausting running up hills in the snow could be. Thankfully Adell was just as tired as mommy so we just laid on our sled and took a nap in the warm sun.

Oliver had a great time too. Running up and down, up and down and all around. He was constantly on the move. With him moving around so much it was amazing that I got even this shot of him.

He was ready to crash by the end of the day. And apparently the best pillow around was mommy's arm as she was trying to navigate down the mountain.

Overall a fun day for everyone!!