Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adell's 1st Halloween

Yikes a spider!!! We had a lot of fun decorating the house for Halloween with Adell.

Kevin also made us a special Halloween dinner. The headless horseman platter. Spooky isn't it. It actually was quite yummy.

Thanks to Bekki Adell was a little bee for Halloween! What a cute bee she was too!

We try to get a cute smiling face but Adell hasn't quite mastered the whole "smile for the carmera" thing.

I am glad she puts up with our nonsense (barely). What a good kido to humor her parents. Although she really doesn't have much of a choice :)

We did have a great time hanging out with our good friends the Malicdems. Here is Adell and the Malicdems' daughter Gwen. Gwen loves baby Adell!! It is just a cute coincidence that they are both bees.