Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Adell!!

She's ONE! YAHOO! I can't believe my little girl is already a year old.
What a fun year it has been!

Her birthday party was small. Just a few friends and family.
She loved having her cousin Maura there to help out :)

So what is this thing in front of me and why is it on fire???

Maybe if I sit still enough it won't get me.

OH I kind of like this. Lots and lots of paper for me to tear up!

And friends to help!

I know this picture is crazy blurry but It turned out pretty good
for all the teasing and wrestling that was going on.
We had so much fun with Bekki Dallin and Maura. I am so glad they came!

It is kind of hard to see because of the bright lights in the background
(poor picture taking on my part) but we hung letters from the ceiling
that said Happy Birthday Adell.

Of course she helped paint the letters!
Yes some of the paint did get on the intended target.

And I even managed to carry on Mom's tradition
of making interesting Birthday cakes.
It's a squid by the way ha ha :)

Happy Birthday Sweet Heart! We Love You!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Summer Fun

Five months is way too long to have gone without blogging anything.
So I guess I will just recap our summer with Adell.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is play games.
Looks like she will carry on the tradition.

Watching fireworks at the fourth of July.
You can almost hear her say "OOH AAH"

She still loves dirt, rocks and sticks.

MMM I think there is a few pictures of me trying this stunt! :)

Dogie kennels make the best toys don't ya know!

On our way to our family reunion in St George we stopped in Vegas.
Adell loved all the lights and sounds. Can you say VEGAS BABY!

Oliver and Adell are still best buds. But Adell loves when Oliver has friends over.

Look! Grass and flowers. Wow! My yard never looked so green!
Adell LOVES being outside!

Much like Maura, Adell is a great help to mom.
Here she is hard at work clipping coupons.

Adell loves visiting grandma and grandpa Todd.
They have the best toys!

Adell loves climbing in and out of this little car. She hasn't really figured out how to make it go. She only succeeds in moving backwards a few steps till she slides off the seat and under the wheels. Then it's mama to the rescue! And she climbs right back in and does it all over again.

I think this picture wonderfully describes
how much fun Kevin, Adelll and Oliver have together.

What a great Summer!