Monday, February 16, 2009

what do you do after a trip to hawaii???

Take a cruise to Mexico of course!  Our friends and neighbors Lyneal and Marlena Malicdem joined us for a cruize to mexico.  We all had a blast!!!

Hariest chest contest

Yes I made kevin enter.  He won a fanny pack ha ha. 


The boat had a miniature golf course that you could play any time. 

crazy grinning fools

So why the big grins besides the fact that we are having the time of our lives in Mexico.  Behind us is what they call lovers beach.  This beach is where the sea and the ocean come together. 


We had a blast flying over canyons attached by one tiny metal cable.  

Party time!!

Kevin and I had a blast dancing the night away during one of the all night parties. Look out John Travolta

just relaxin

Nothin like being lazy!! 


There is just nothing like a room with a view.  We especially loved ours.

Lunch time

Giddie up!

We had so much fun with our friends the Malicdem's riding on a beautiful white beach in mexico.
Yes I paid to ride a horse:)  It was the first time for Lyneal and only the second for Marlena.  Totally worth it. 

out to sea

kevin enjoyed hanging out on the deck. never got sea sick once!

Towel Animals

They had a great workshop on the cruise that taught us how to make the crazy towel animals that are left in our rooms every night.  We were quite the pros  as you can see.

The Garden Island!

Kauau is known as the Garden Island because of its fertile lands and beautiful landscape. It also has several species of plants that are known to grow only on its terrain. Katie and I had the blessed experience of visiting the Garden Island and visiting our wonderful relatives living there.

Adam And Eve

Aahh Ahhhaaaaa AAAAhhhhaAAAAHHH

Tarzan away!

The Man of Sand

So I was trying to relax on the beach and Katie thought it would be fun to bury me instead.