Saturday, February 7, 2009

The way things grow

This plant (about four feet tall) was just an old dead stump when we arrived. Thins grow crazy fast there.


Do we look happy or what??? You would have a cheesy grin too if you were here!

we got one!!!

Every morning we were woken up by an ear splitting Cock a doodle doo!!! Wild roosters are all over Hawaii and are very pesky!! We finally were able to catch one of the slippery buggers. NO not dinner. To tough. Put to sleep at the humane society. A free service to help cut down on the wild chickens.

we are not superstitious at all!

Married on Friday the 13th. Stayed in room 666 in Hawaii. Had a lovely time.

Homer mountain

Can anyone tell why our aunt and ucle call it that? Can you find Homer?


just another awesome view!

Queen Emelani

Queen emalani rides into the meadow greeting the people of HI. Emalani was a famous queen of HI that had very significant diplomatic importance. She was well loved by her people and every year in October there is a celebration to remember her. In the celebration there is lots of hula dancing and wonderful hawaiian music.

The snorkelers!

Looking kind of goofy in our snorkel gear but hey seeing fishies in the deep blue sea is fun. Katie could spend hours literally.

Did we mention Hawaii is paradise?

Katie wanted to post this just because its "so darn pretty."

One last card game!

Here we are playing cards trying to sqeeze in the most out of our last few hours in paradise. Here are the wonderful hosts Sandie and Joe.

Katie on Porch

Here she sits in Hawaii relaxing and enjoying a good book. We were there in HI over a week in October. We missed it so much we are going back in March. Can't wait.

The View

This is the fantastic view from Aunt Sandie and Uncle Joe's porch. Mind you we are looking over the hot tub just in case the view isn't enough.