Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goofy faces and sleeping beauties

This is what happens when Kevin is bored on Sunday afternoon.

A rainy day walk.

Nice excuse to get out and take Oliver for a walk through the dog park made popular by the decline in house sales. (just a semi developed piece of land by our house)

Oliver your in trouble!

Ya goofy mut you destroyed the house with your chewing frenzies. Thankfully only one stuffed animal was injured in this filming.

Yeah its Easter morning!

Ok its really only Saturday but we're gonna celebrate anyways. And look the Easter bunny came a whole day early.

Egg Dying time

Despite the fact Kevin had to work for easter he had the opportunity to dye some eggs with his lovely wife on Saturday.

Yum Yum egg salad sandwich

I think Kevin likes eggs just a little bits. Yum Yum.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back to paradise

We loved Kauai so much we couldn't stay away. So here we are again. I don't think we are enjoying ourselves at all. Ha Ha Ha.

I thought we were on vacation

Joe and Sandie put us to work right away. They knew how to start a vacation out right. They knew Kevin would need to develop this new skill so he could successfully create shelter for himself when he was stranded alone on a beach. Ha Ha Ha! (we found the hut while exploring the beaches)

Wow what beautifull beaches

We really saw our share of awesome beaches during this trip. Each one seemed more spectacular than the last.

we killed him

Aparently Kevin has had too much fun. I think we killed him.

other perils

Each hike we took had some element of danger but the beauty was well worth the work.

Hiking about

Kauai has some of the most beautiful hikes. Some are very easy but some a little more difficult, as Kevin demonstrates well.

What to do after the thousandth picture

So on vacation we take like a million and a half pictures. What do you do after the eight hundred thousandth picture? Make funny faces at the camera of course.

the elusive waterfall

It is winter in Hawaii so it rains a lot. The rain brings lots of beautiful waterfalls, some are easier to find than others.

Wildlife adventures of Kauai

We encountered a lot of wildlife: whales, birds, sea lions and little puffy chicks.

Sunset at Ke'e bezch

Our last night in Hawaii couldn't have been more beautiful. Nice warm weather, beautiful views of the north side of the island, rainbows, and a beautiful starry night.