Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kevin with a score of 176!

My father won a free night out at the bowling alley for a total of 20 people. So Kate and I were invited to join in on the fun. We had Soda and light refreshments included. It was a blastin good time. Kevin got the high score of 176. Yahoo for me.

Calling all Joneses

We had a wonderful time eating Ice Cream at Ron and Jan's house to celebrate the marriage of Leslie and Brian. Games came included. We played a bunch of fun, no cost, games. Pop Pop Pop, Spoon and fork, and fruit basket turn over to name a few. What a wonderful time.

Indian flute and music festival in Coolidge

What do you do in Coolidge. We listen to indians play flutes and other musical instruments. The festival was at the Casa Grande Ruins here in our home town. It was really fun watching an listening to them. Although at night it was really really cold. Like freezing freezing. (about 55 degrees above zero)

Oliver's first camping trip!

This camping trip to Oak Flats was Oliver's first. We had a grand old time watching him play in puddles, eat moths, and scuddle around and around. It was really fun watching him. Wish we could go camping all the time with him.

Marshmellow Seat!

Katie told me she placed her marshmellow on my chair and not to sit on it, but I sat on it anyways. See!