Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goofy faces and sleeping beauties

This is what happens when Kevin is bored on Sunday afternoon.

A rainy day walk.

Nice excuse to get out and take Oliver for a walk through the dog park made popular by the decline in house sales. (just a semi developed piece of land by our house)

Oliver your in trouble!

Ya goofy mut you destroyed the house with your chewing frenzies. Thankfully only one stuffed animal was injured in this filming.

Yeah its Easter morning!

Ok its really only Saturday but we're gonna celebrate anyways. And look the Easter bunny came a whole day early.

Egg Dying time

Despite the fact Kevin had to work for easter he had the opportunity to dye some eggs with his lovely wife on Saturday.

Yum Yum egg salad sandwich

I think Kevin likes eggs just a little bits. Yum Yum.