Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adell's 1st Halloween

Yikes a spider!!! We had a lot of fun decorating the house for Halloween with Adell.

Kevin also made us a special Halloween dinner. The headless horseman platter. Spooky isn't it. It actually was quite yummy.

Thanks to Bekki Adell was a little bee for Halloween! What a cute bee she was too!

We try to get a cute smiling face but Adell hasn't quite mastered the whole "smile for the carmera" thing.

I am glad she puts up with our nonsense (barely). What a good kido to humor her parents. Although she really doesn't have much of a choice :)

We did have a great time hanging out with our good friends the Malicdems. Here is Adell and the Malicdems' daughter Gwen. Gwen loves baby Adell!! It is just a cute coincidence that they are both bees.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hiking Picket Post

Yahoo Adell's first real hike. I don't know who is more excited her or Dad!We love this little back pack thing. It is so nice to throw Adell in it and take off. Adell loves being rocked to sleep this way too. She also loves to check out all the scenery.

We all had a great time getting out and enjoying a cool Arizona day!! What a fun family outing!

Best Friends???

Oliver Loves little Adell. He is always around checking up on her. If she is being fussy he will make sure mom and dad know. You can almost hear him say "Adell is sad. Come help her. Come get Adell. She needs you." On the other hand I don't think Adell knows what to do with this hairy slobbering beast that licks her toes every chance he gets.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adell's Baby Blessing

Who are these unsavory characters and what are they doing at my house??!!
Oh yea we invited them to Adell's Baby Blessing.

This is Scott Dryscal. He is like a second father to Kevin. Looks like he plays Grandpa pretty well too!!Ah the proud Papa!. So excited and very very nervous!

Adell had such a cute dress. It was made by Sharon Todd (Kevin's mother's twin sister) and the little booties were made by Arlene Lundgren, a great lady from our ward. They made me think of Grandma Jones' booties that she would make for us for Christmas.

Dr. Flake to the Rescue!

After a great day of fishing we went and visited Uncle Robert and Aunt Anne in Pinetope then we all headed out to the ranch the next day. Uncle Robert was nice enough to check out Adell's toe for us. Adell's "pinky" toe is positioned different so smashes up against the other toe next to it causing it to bend in. Uncle Robert said it was no big deal, we just might get it checked out a while down the road like when she is twelve. We weren't really worried but it was nice to know for sure. So Thanks Uncle Robert! and Thank you Aunt Anne for being a great grandma to our little Adell.We all loved hanging out at the ranch. Oliver apparently decided to help clean the place up by picking up every stray cobweb he could find.

gone fishin

So we tried our hand at a little fishing at Woods Canyon Lake.
Moma tried......
Daddy tried.....

And Adell took lots on naps.

We caught three crawdads, a twig, and a tree but no fish. Sound familiar dad??

Road Trip!

We were all going a little stir crazy so we took off towards Payson for a little road trip.

As you can see mom and dad had a great time. Looks like Adell just put up with us. :)

Road Trip!

We were all going a little stir crazy so we took off towards Payson for a little road trip.

As you can see mom and dad had a great time. Looks like Adell just put up with us. :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bath Time!

Scrub a dub dub no one in the tub! But Adell is getting a bath anyway. Kevin is scrubbing away trying to get her clean a quick as possible before she goes totally bonkers.

Mom tries holding her hand to calm her. It kind of works for a minute.

Ah the proud papa. He accomplished the impossible. Bathing a wiggly two week old, with great lung capacity :)
But I think the towel speaks for it's self.

Just kidding. We all know Adell adores her Daddy!

What A Good Daddy!

Kevin is such a wonderful dad. He takes such good care of Adell. Feeding and changing her.

He can put her right to sleep.

Which is great accept I am not sure if i approve of the way he rocks her to sleep. Yes Adell is in the blanket. Kevin will swing her back and forth and bounce her up and down in this make shift hammock. He will even throw her over his shoulder like a hobo sack. Made me nervous at first but she loves it, goes right to sleep.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fingers and toes!

The many faces of Adell

The whole family!

As kevin says "I feel like a complete family now: got a wife, got a dog and now we got a kid." HAHA.

Adell has arrived!

Isn't she perty? We are so excited to have here here. Katie is especially done having to lug her around everywhere she goes. Yeah!

For many many more pics of Adell visit Kevin Todd's Facebook page here

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Time!

Almost time to welcome our new little one to the family!
We are probably more prepared for the baby then I was for this picture.
There we go. A little Vanna White Action to show off the room.

destruction time

Yes the baby's room is almost done. We just need to add another shelf.
As you can see we were inspired by our trips to Hawaii and California and all the beauty of the ocean!