Friday, January 28, 2011

Dog Pile On Adell

Oh look a pile of animals.

Oh look the pile of animals is moving!

Oh it's Adell!!

Kevin definitely has his own ideas of how to entertain Adell. :)

Adell's First Christmas!!!

The Russell's did warn us about those darn zombies. It doesn't look like we escaped in time.

A little silly string in the stocking makes for a fun and messy Christmas morning.

Adell sits by her stocking wondering what the heck are those two lunatics up to now. The blue "care bear" was made from our friend Arleen Lundgren. She crocheted the whole thing. It is so cool! It is actually the only gift that was new. Everything else I just brought out to make it look fun. Adell is only four months old here so all she really liked was the wrapping paper.

Oh yes and I guess she likes or Loves Santa too!!

I think someone else loves Santa!!

Sorry Adell we couldn't help it. You make the perfect present.

We did all our Christmas photos with our friends the Malicdems. They are the reason our family actually got cute pictures with their Christmas cards and not lumps of coal.

This is (from left to right) Gwen, Nora, and Adell. Nora and Gwen are the Malicdem's kids. Nora is just four days old here. We had a lot of fun taking Christmas pictures with them.