Thursday, May 8, 2008

Katie is Back

Katie got back from Wyoming yesterday. It was great to see her. We really didn't do a good job at planning for the trip. then again how can you plan and prepare for a trip like that. Just so ya all know Katie went to Wyoming to see Garrett's graveside service. To start the rocky trip off Katie left her wallet and ID at the house. She drove to Wyoming so the ID wasn't that bad of an issue since she didn't get pulled over. Coming home was going to be a problem though because she needed the ID to fly home. So while I stayed home I went to get the ID and shipped it to her overnight! Wow what an expensive mail. On her way home she realized she didn't have any keys or anyway to get into the house so we met up in the middle and got the keys to her as I continues on my way trucking. Everything happens for a reason right? Well just before she realized she needed the keys I got pulled over with my truck for not having my legal numbers on the truck and not having my commercial driver's license. That kept me on the highway long enough to meet up in the middle with Katie and Tiffany before they got home.

Pirater caught Redhanded!!

Katie is trying to get "Phantom of the Opera" free on the computer! But now we have proof of her trying. hahaha. lol. She looks just a bit upset because its more difficult than she thought. Not having much luck!

At the Funeral

Took lots of Pics of family and friends that were at the funeral. It was fun to hang out at the Russell house after and during the event with family. I guess that is something positive that we get to remember and experience. Call me optimistic but there is always something good!!!

Garrett's Pics

I took only one Pic of Garrett at the jones reunion at the Russell's house. It was a really good Picture of him with his mom. Not the most glamorous pictures of Garrett, but nonetheless I have included some coffin pics.