Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wiggle Bum

I knew from day one that Adell was a wiggler.

But I didn't know just how wigglie until she did this.

Yep. She Wiggled her pants right off!! What a hoot!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daddy We Love You!

One night as Adell and I were getting ready for bed we decided to get a surprise ready for Kevin.
This was the result.
If you look closely you can see the tiny slobbery lipstick kiss below the U. That is Adell. Just try to imagine how much fun we had making that kiss :)

Cutie Pie

Sometimes Adell is Just too darn Cute!

Especially when Daddy gets her ready for church. :)

Way too cute!

I think some of these pictures really show how happy our little girl is.

We rarely capture it on camera so it is exciting when we do.

Thanks for being such a sweet little girl Adell!

Motivation Atempt

One day Adell and I went out in the back yard to sit in the grass and play. As you can see from the background there isn't much grass to play in. So we took a few pictures to show Kevin how much fun we were having and tell him how much more fun we would have with a yard full of grass instead of one little patch. Nothing like a little guilt to motivate someone right? Ha Ha.

I also had fun trying to take a picture of both of us. As you can see I had great success!!

Fluffy Friends

I was looking at all the great pictures we have of Adell cuddling her stuffed animals and came across this one. Maybe it is the yellow shirt or the way she is grinning but for some reason I see this picture of Adell and think of David. What do you think?

As you can see Adell does lover her fluffy friends. Her little mini mouse ( which I previously showed her clutching), her little lamb ( in the above photo) this teddy bear (below) and any stuffed animal, she loves to hug and snuggle with

You may have also noticed that Adell tends to have a somewhat surprised look on her face in most of the photos we take. That is because I always have to break her away from the intense concentration she has all the time long enough to snap a picture. Sometime that is not easy.

Here I can almost hear her saying "No you can't take my bear. It's mine."