Monday, February 25, 2008

The New Truck!

The brand new truck that will be used for business. I'll be using this and a large trailer for towing cars between Tucson and Phoenix as well as Phoenix and Las Vegas and just in the Phoenix valley.  Mighty big especially in comparison to our other vehicles. 

Pictures Against a Brick Wall

Isn't the brick wall behind us lovely. We thought so and decided to take a few pictures to share with friends and family. Also for the Todd parents. Katie and I just aren't into taking formal pictures since we have been together. So sorry to every one that wants to see us together formally. We just ain't that kind of couple. Neither one of us even carry pictures of each other in our wallet or purse. 

Dinner with Todd Inlaws

We invited the Todd In-laws to come on over and hang out. We decided to play lots of games.