Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Yes it is our Anniversary today! April 13th 2011!

(look I actually blogged about something and didn't have to say it took place two months ago!!)

On Monday Adell and I decided to surprise Kevin when he came home from work. This idea came to me at like seven at night so we weren't really in the mood to go shopping for things so we just had fun with what we had.

We grabbed an old cardboard box, some markers,

tissue paper, and finger paints and went to work!

Adell was pretty excited about the whole thing!

She was also very tired by the time we were finished.

See her grabbing her ears? That is her I am so sleepy sign.

You would be tired too if you painted and painted and painted

the side of a cardboard box with your feet!

I tried to have her use a paint brush but that went right in her mouth. I also tried to let her use her hands but she went right for her mouth again. And while these are non toxic paints, I really don't want to clean up purple poop. So I let her paint with her feet. And it turned out so good!

Inside the box we put little things to tell daddy about everything we love doing with him. For example we had a CD to remind him how much we love dancing around the house listening to music. We had a whisk, reminding him how much we love cooking together. We had a jacket to remind him how much we love going on hikes and walks, exploring the world with Kevin, etc.

So when Kevin got home Tuesday morning he had a wonderful surprise!

Happy Anniversary Kevin!

Thanks for being a great husband and father!


Pop Corn Popping On The Apracot Tree

I looked out the window and what did I see?? Pop corn popping on the apricot tree!!!

When I was growing up and we sang this song in primary I always thought it was strange. How could pop corn be popping on a tree??? Well this spring when our little apricot tree started blossoming it did look a lot like pop corn kernels getting ready to pop!

This particualar type of Apricot tree is actually called a Katie Apricot!

One of the reasons I wanted to get it :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holy Cow She Rolls!

Ok I have to admit this was like two months ago but I stink at blogging. We all know this. But I forgot to talk about the first time Adell rolled over, "for reals". I say "for reals" because she had rolled over a couple of times before this but then didn't do it for a few weeks and we were getting frustrated. So when I was sitting in the back of the Primary room at church I was telling a friend all about how Adell just refuses to roll over. No sooner were the words out of my mouth then flip, Adell turned over. Crazy girl. I think she did it just to prove me wrong. I thought maybe that was another fluke but I laid her on her tummyagain and soon enough plop, over again like she knew all along how to do it she just decided that today was the day. And I was not so reverently hopping up and down and cheering :)

When we got home from church I took a few pictures of her trying to roll over again just to have something to remember the moment. So here she is practicing.

Man she is growing up so fast!