Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun With Food

Adell has been learning how to use a spoon.
At meal times we will give her a little taste
of peas, carrots, potatoes or whatever else we are eating.
But the other night we had an ice cream sundae and decided to share.

I think she liked it :)

Oh wait I missed some.

Wow I think I'm done.

Another time we also let her have a little spoon of peanut butter.
And well, she loved that too of course.

I Love My Feet

Adell is quite the escape artist. No matter how well wrapped we think she is,
she always manages to untuck at least one of her limbs.
And in this picture she is showing off her Favorite thing.

She was obsesses with sticking out her tongue but now she has moved on to the feet.

She loves folding up her legs, grabbing onto her feet and playing with them.
Usually sucking on her toes or socks.

And loving every minute!

Beanbag Baby

When we go over to Grandma and Grandpa Todd's house to play
Adell loves hanging out in their beanbag chair.
She loves being all cuddled up like a cocoon.

Or a "dead bird" :) Ha Ha!!