Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Silver Strand State Beach

Yea we made it!!! This awesome beach near San Diego California was just what we needed to get away! Soft warm sand, cool waves and peace and quiet. Almost no one was there. I think we saw maybe 12 people all day. So Nice!!
My absolute favorite thing to do was collect shells!!!! You could pick so many up off the sand but it was more fun to search for the really unique shells in the water as the waves came crashing in trying to snatch your treasure away.I have never seen so many shells on one beach!
Kevin liked to see how many sand dollars he could collect. As you can see got quite a collection.
We both had a great time building sand castles with all our cool tools.Kevin liked to use bits of shell on his castle to make it look tough like spikes or something.
Baby girl and I loved to play in the sand.
Baby is learning well the joys of some good dirt to play in. I like to say I am teaching her well.
Here he comes to save the day! Seaweed man is on his way!
Kevin loved just sitting back relaxing and reading a book. But the sun was to hot and the shade was a little to cold. So Kevin is making a new fashion statement. Winter coat at the beach.He also had fun videotaping me. Just as much fun as I had taking pictures of him.
Such a perfect day. So peaceful and relaxing.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

So many beautiful views!
So good in fact that Kevin had to bring his own binoculars.
We enjoyed touring a cool light house up on the military base.
Going up and up and up the tiny spiral stare case was so fun, unless your Gina. Don't look Down!

On our last night there we sat along the pier at a beautiful park and enjoyed one last breathtaking sunset.