Thursday, February 24, 2011

Minnie Mouse Is The Best!

This story was suppose to be about how Adell loves Minnie Mouse but I think we need to tell another story first. You may have noticed that there is something on Adell's head. Well when Adell was being fussy one day Kevin, being quite the grump himself, decided to draw a frowney face on her forehead in permanent marker. So Adell had a frowney face "tattooed" on her forehead for a while. Sigh.... Whatever shall I do with him??

Adell really does lover her little Minnie Mouse blanked.
It's ears make that crinkly sound and she loves to suck on them.

Minnie has given Adell many hours of fun and mommy many hours of peace! :)

I just love this picture of Adell Hugging Minnie.
I think it is so darn cute!!

Snow Trip to Payson

Yea! We are on our way to Payson to find some snow!

Oh brother what have they gotten me into now??!!

Yippie that looks like fun!

Kevin and I loved packing around and taking pictures

of Adell in her little bear snow suit!

And Adell liked sucking on her gloves!

I don't know why little baby snow outfits

always come with ears but man are they cute!

Look Adell that is snow!!

We even found a hill to sled down. Well Kind of.

This park had been well used by the time we got there

but it was perfect for our little snow bear.