Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Time!

Almost time to welcome our new little one to the family!
We are probably more prepared for the baby then I was for this picture.
There we go. A little Vanna White Action to show off the room.

destruction time

Yes the baby's room is almost done. We just need to add another shelf.
As you can see we were inspired by our trips to Hawaii and California and all the beauty of the ocean!

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon

After the Jones family reunion Kevin and I had a few extra days so we decided to explore the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. What a great Decision!
We had so much fun and saw so many wonderful things!

crazy hair

The first day of our trip the wind was going crazy and so was my hair!
Awesome Awesome place!
Kevin saw this ledge and had to venture out onto it. I was just taking pictures of this little adventure and couldn't stop cringing. So scary! I don't know how he managed it.
As you can see he has a little bit of caution.
But his good sense is quickly overcome by his enthusiasm.

I guess some good sense returns as he makes his way back, maybe he realized he was wearing sandals the whole time.

Widforss Trail

Weird name but a great trail. This trail meandered through the forest along the edge of the grand canyon. So you got to enjoy a nice forest hike but also got great views of the Canyon.
I think I am actually rolling my eyes at Kevin being a goof ball as he takes this picture.

Out on the edge looking across the great expanse. Kevin could not get enough of hanging out on the edge of cliffs. It made me very nervous but he had so much fun!

ME TOO!!! I couldn't resist getting out on the edge myself.

I am seven months pregnant with our first child. What a great place to be with this special little one. I cant wait to take her back here after she is born.

The forest we were hiking through was burnt by fire about ten years ago and still shows signs of damage. It was amazing to see how the forest just kept on growing around the fire damage.

North Kaibab Trail

Now we get to actually travel into the Grand Canyon. Very cool.
Kevin looks a little bit worn out already. I guess it is the second hike of the day.

I am not sure why the fascination, but Kevin again tries to see how far out he can get without actually falling off the cliff.

First stopping point

A mile or two into the canyon we stop on a plateau to admire our surroundings.

First stopping point

A mile or two into the canyon we stop on a plateau to admire our surroundings.

Nature at it's finest.

lunch time

If it looks like we are about as close as we can be to the edge of the world we are!!! A few miles into the grand canyon dangling our feet over the edge of a cliff, what a great pick nick spot!
The trip was treacherous and the going slow but what a beautiful place.

Unexpected things around every corner.

This trail is also used for guided Mule rides so sometimes you have to stand to the side and wait while the mules go by. When one of these trail rides went past I mentioned to the guide that my father gave guided tours of the moutains in Wyoming. He looked at me, smiled, then spred his arms across the breath taking view and said "Don't I have the most beautiful office" He probably wondered why I started laughing uncontrolably. HA HA HA!

unexpected find

While Kevin and I were leaving the north rim of the grand canyon we needed a pit stop, so we pulled over and discovered Jacob's Lake Look Out Tower. This tower is used by fireman to spot forest fires. Someone sits in this tower 24 hrs a day during fire season to search for these fires. The fireman on duty this day was very helpful and kind. He was excited to share his knowledge of the area and his job duties. I think he was just happy to talk to someone besides himself. Ha Ha
Don't look down!!!

Zion's National Park

What in the world is a slot canyon? This is what most of us were thinking as David lead us down an unmarked path in the middle of Zion's National park during the Jones reunion.This is a slot canyon! And it is Awesome!!!
For some reason huge logs that had fallen down into the canyon and were wedged between the canyon walls were a source of great fascination.

They each took turns walking across this huge log. Dallin (and I think Jude) looks on as Brady makes the attempt. Gina, unaware of her son's actions, looked up just in time to see Brady's death defying feat and let out an ear splitting scream!!!