Monday, September 6, 2010

Bath Time!

Scrub a dub dub no one in the tub! But Adell is getting a bath anyway. Kevin is scrubbing away trying to get her clean a quick as possible before she goes totally bonkers.

Mom tries holding her hand to calm her. It kind of works for a minute.

Ah the proud papa. He accomplished the impossible. Bathing a wiggly two week old, with great lung capacity :)
But I think the towel speaks for it's self.

Just kidding. We all know Adell adores her Daddy!

What A Good Daddy!

Kevin is such a wonderful dad. He takes such good care of Adell. Feeding and changing her.

He can put her right to sleep.

Which is great accept I am not sure if i approve of the way he rocks her to sleep. Yes Adell is in the blanket. Kevin will swing her back and forth and bounce her up and down in this make shift hammock. He will even throw her over his shoulder like a hobo sack. Made me nervous at first but she loves it, goes right to sleep.