Saturday, May 7, 2011

Four Wheeling

Yahoo! Adell's first four wheeling trip. When Trenton came down a little while back everyone wanted to go four wheeling. I didn't want Adell to be left out so I strapped her in her awesome little backpack and off we went. Adell, Trenton, Jeffery, Dallin, Bekki, Maura, Colleen, Maury and I all went out to the desert and road around on quads and had a picnic. What a fun fun day!

We had so much fun in fact that later that day

Maura had to take Adell for a ride on her four wheeler!

What a nice Cousin!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Artist Is Born!

When I was at a Relief Society meeting Kevin decided to entertain Adell. So he let her paint with whipped cream, ketchup, mustard, relish, and anything else he could think of.

Man what a mess! So Glad I didn't have to clean up!

She does look like she is having a blast though!

They had so much fun he decided to do it again. This time with flour!

Of course she must share with her best friend!

And a little bit for herself apparently!

Pan Play

Oooo what is this? A new toy!

Wow that is loud! What is making all that racket???

I love this new toy......

I just can't figure out what is making all that noise!!!

Ha Ha!! Adell played with this pan for almost fifteen minutes. In baby time that is forever. She would bang it down on the counter top then cringe. Then she would do it again and get this look on her face like hay what gives? Who's being so loud? I had a good laugh at this one! So funny!


Why do we think it is fun to put things on baby's heads?? Maybe because little checkered hats like this one are sooooooo ADORABLE!!!!

Or because we are trying to amuse them.

She looks so amused doesn't she. Ha Ha

The real reason for fun hats is just that. They are Fun!