Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adell Can Moo. Can you?

Happy Halloween!

Thanks to Grandma Todd
Adell was A cow for Halloween!
Can you Say Moo!

She was a great help making cookies for Halloween.
She liked to take the cookie cutters
and slip them on her foot like bracelets.

When she couldn't get them off she would
squeal and squirm till we helped her out.

Oliver was all dressed up and ready to play!
I think it might be time to spring for a new costume for him.
He has worn the same thing for 4 years.

I got into the act as well.
I went as Jack. I was selling my cow at market.
It was a tough sell. I didn't even get any magic beans!

But I had fun being a cheesy dork!

So the Costume was inspired by the children's story
Jack and the Bean Stock but my family is probably all singing,
"The farmer and Adell, the farmer and Adell,
hi ho the dairy o, the farmer and Adell!"

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BeeP said...

SO SO Cute! I can't wait to hug on that urchin!